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The Vienna State Opera is an opera house and opera company based in Vienna, Austria. The 1,709-seat Renaissance Revival venue was the first major building on the Vienna Ring Road. It was built from 1861 to 1869 following plans by August Sicard von Sicardsburg and Eduard van der Nüll, and designs by Josef Hlávka.

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  • Matheus Strafit
    Matheus Strafit
    5 months ago

    The place is amazing. You can live an wonderful experience in here! Give me goosebumps just for remembering the night I watched the Tristan Isolde from Wagner! The acoustic of the place is incredible, if you have time, the chance to check it up and the likes for this music, this is a must go and do in Wien!!!

  • Vienna
    3 weeks ago

    It is worthy of being one of the top four opera houses in the world, and it is beautiful from the inside out. There are small screens in front of the seats, and the lines are translated in eight languages, so you don't have to worry about not being able to read them. For opera without a parting screen, if you go out you can't come back, so don't drink too much water.

  • Arnaud Brousse
    Arnaud Brousse
    2 weeks ago

    This place is remarkable! The gilding of the decorations, the grandeur of the amphitheatre, the beauty of the view over the roofs and the grace of the artists are simply remarkable! This place touched me a lot, for the ballet of course, but also for the harmony and the magic of the air.

  • Lise Søe Jacobsen
    Lise Søe Jacobsen
    7 months ago

    Overwhelmingly beautiful building and lovely performance in the opera Capriccio. Make sure to wear semi-formal clothes (long pants for men) to be permitted to enter. (We visited on a very hot day in shorts but fortunately has a set of spare pants in the backpack.)

  • Livia Toso
    Livia Toso
    10 months ago

    Amazing experience. Went to see Rigoletto and the production was flawless, impeccable. The theatre itself is a jewel. It's so enormous that I didn't even have time to see all the rooms. Definitely visit if you're in Vienna.

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