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The Vienna State Opera is an opera house and opera company based in Vienna, Austria. The 1,709-seat Renaissance Revival venue was the first major building on the Vienna Ring Road. It was built from 1861 to 1869 following plans by August Sicard von Sicardsburg and Eduard van der Nüll, and designs by Josef Hlávka.

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  • Julie L
    Julie L
    2 months ago

    Pretty disappointing and underwhelming. The hall itself is pretty bland compared to the artistry of many other halls or performance venues. It’s hyped up as one of the best in the world and honestly, it’s just barely average comparatively. The seats are atrocious. Probably like 50% of them have terrible views. Anything beyond the first row in the boxes and you won’t be able to see the stage at all unless you stand up behind the first row for the entire performance. Plus, there are screen mounted translation screens but you have to angle them just right and they’re small so good luck being able to follow them. Finally, the ushers were extremely helpful and friendly but they were few and far between. Because nothing was clear regarding where I was supposed to go, I had to keep asking for help on each floor. There was very little guidance and direction beyond what I asked for myself. On top of that, a girl in my box was absolutely recording parts of the performance on her phone and there’s no one monitoring this (I know it’s hard to do in a closed box but I’ve still seen better monitoring before in performances). So sadly, I wouldn’t really recommend a show here unless it’s for like under €20 because I don’t think much more is worth it. I definitely don’t feel the need to ever go back.

  • Jakty Kusuma
    Jakty Kusuma
    9 months ago

    Nice architectural work. I don’t know how people can make this perfect acoustic room. Really close to public transportation. They also have a regular performance on a daily basis. Tickets are available online or the street next to the building. When you’re in Vienna, you’ll need to visit at least once in a lifetime. Enjoy a music performance inside and marvel the acoustic engineering.

  • Susan Anderson (Susy)

    Amazing. Stunning. A must for on your visit to Vienna! Loved the screens with each seat translating to your language. Making it helpful to follow the story. Made it so enjoyable. I'm eager to go to another opera now!

  • Chen Zoe
    Chen Zoe
    9 months ago

    Vienna opera house will always be a place I would love to revisit. During my first visit, I appreciate the Vienna State Opera’s long history of working with artists. One of the fantastic project is Safety Curtain- it is an on-going exhibition series taking place in the Vienna State Opera, Austria. The exhibition turns the safety curtain into a temporary show for contemporary artists every year. They also have a exhibition that shows curtains from the past and the stories behind them. Do visit the place. There are so many other things worth discovering. Amazing artists and opera as well.

  • Carolyn Mc K
    Carolyn Mc K
    4 months ago

    Wonderful venue! Doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside the architecture is amazing! The auditorium is fabulously old fashioned & beautiful, whilst the atrium is a gorgeous modern space with a Victorian glasshouse ceiling & a big outdoor terrace for warmer days & nights.

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