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London Bridge, London, UK
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Assignment Tutor UK is one of the top Academic Writing firms in London, UK. Here students can easily avail the best nursing assignment writing services with the help of an expert team of professional writers that are always available for your assistance. A good academic opportunity for students of Colleges and Universities. You can also hire an expert writer for your academic work.

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  • Govardhan Goshal
    Govardhan Goshal
    7 months ago

    I love this bridge so much! 😍 I absolutely love architecture and so having this amazing stature in London is just mind blowing 🤯 I've seen it in pictures and never been on it. but it ceases to amaze me. I love taking photos from here as well as the bridge itself. Would always recommend this as a must do when visiting London. 10/10! ☺️

  • megha kapai
    megha kapai
    11 months ago

    London Bridge was a memorable experience it is the only bridge in the whole world which open apps and refold itself to let the big ships pass through it. This experience was very memorable as the other bridges and London Eye also visible from this bridge the local market is also nearby and it is also adjacent by a very fancy restaurant where the cushions are very delicious but it is an expensive one.

  • Elena Serena Piccardi

    A lovely area in London and must visit for tourists. The place offers great views, cool restaurants & pubs, and several picture perfect spots 📍. Don't forget to stop at the nearby food market if visiting the area - you'll find lots of organic products, tasty snacks and beautiful plants!🌻 Recommended!

  • Mayur Gharat
    Mayur Gharat
    11 months ago

    London Bridge is actually the bridge from which we can see iconic Tower bridge from great distance. Initially I misinterpreted that london bridge is actually the iconic bridge people talk about but its a different bridge just besides tower bridge (the Iconic one). I went on Saturday and it was full of crowds. Its one the romantic and beautiful place one can visit. Spectacular experience!!! Cheers to life!!!

  • Chandan M
    Chandan M
    6 months ago

    The London bridge is very popular and popular in our nursery rhymes. Lovely view around the river banks and a great view of tower bridge. One of the London's favourite borough Market located here. I would suggest explore the river bank in many walks, bars and restaurants or cruise along the Thames from Butler's wharf. The view on this bridge in the night is spectacular with those lighting. You will always enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city. PS: Many people and their reviews being reviewed on tower bridge for London bridge. There are two different bridges London bridge and tower bridge which are parallel to each other.