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The Bavarian State Opera is a German opera company based in Munich. The company’s home base is the National Theatre Munich. Its orchestra is the Bavarian State Orchestra.

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  • Hans Hulzebosch
    Hans Hulzebosch
    9 months ago

    A magnificent opera house. Beautiful inside as well as out. Within very easy reach of public transport and after the performance a row of taxis for as far as the eye can see. An enjoyable evening although on first row balcony seat leg space is somewhat restricted. Also, take care when booking. My view was partially obstructed by a pillar but nothing was mentioned during the booking process. Nevertheless, a great evening.

  • Alina Rudycheva
    Alina Rudycheva
    a month ago

    Very pretty place. Very grand. But to be honest, I don't get how it was made... The place where we were sitting has 10% view to the stage. I get that there are better places but that you can't see anything? I will probably go there again and try to buy better tickets, but this just doesn't make sense to me. The piece we went to see was amazing, so 5 stars to that. I just wish we could actually see it

  • Dandylicious
    a year ago

    One of the most prestigious opera houses in Europe that I have been visiting ever since my childhood days. The opera and ballet performances are permanently on a very high level but even a simple guided tour is recommendable. Make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible because most of the time they are selling quickly. (At last the entrance to shows is currently restricted: 2G - and strictly monitored.) Last Sunday we saw a wonderful version of 'Jewels' by George Balanchine. Another fantastic visit! 💟

  • madhurima sarkar
    madhurima sarkar
    2 months ago

    It's an iconic place . I loved the ambience, the play, the beverage and the food. It was a wonderful experience today evening.

  • H C C G
    H C C G
    a year ago

    Beautiful opera, we watched Turandot, the performance was magical! Also a small tip for my fellow young opera lover. They have special places for people under 30 years!! I paid 12€ and I had an excellent seat nonetheless! There is a shotgun once a month for these places, don’t hesitate!

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